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I, posting photographer, understand that PortraNET, has the right to remove, prevent posting thereof, and delete any submission that PortraNET deems inappropriate, unethical or in any way distasteful. PortraNET has the right to reject membership / payment / or suspend / cancel enrollment from anyone who does not conduct themselves in a professional manner, causes a conflict of interest, or anyone who is not working in a positive way or who would not be in best interest of this service.

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I consent to jurisdiction in Michigan regarding any dispute arising out of this contract, dispute, or business with PortraNET. This agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the United States of America and the State of Michigan.
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(A license? What does this really mean?) Someone joined and thought Rojoy, Inc. owned their photos! - Not at all. YOU OWN YOUR PHOTOS, you're only allowing Rojoy, Inc. or a team member, such as Ron to edit/tweak correct the photos you place in your project folder. Rojoy, Inc. will often correct them and repost them to show you visually what his critiques are stating. This license allows Rojoy, Inc. to also repost image you place in your project folder into the NEWS and promo areas of PortraNET so that we can show visitors your progress. Rojoy, Inc. Ron Kramer, and PortraNET (“Rojoy, Inc.”) do not own your copyright. You are the copyright holder... you are only allowing Rojoy, Inc. to use your posted images on here in project folders, in our NEWS and in our promotional materials.

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