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   How PortraNET works - SELF STUDY
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How PortraNET works - SELF STUDY  
« on: Jan 30th, 2005, 7:05pm »

PortraNET is a vast library of information seperated into different topics. For example Lighting, Posing, Business Operations, Workflow, Retouching, Ron's Session setup shots and sample sessions... etc. To name only a small few.  In these main topics you will find literally thousands of sub topics such as "Finding the light outdoors, Camera room lighting, where do I start?, Where to place the hair-light, Feathering the main light, Posing without props, Hair flow, Posing over weight people, Male head and shoulder posing,  How to handle a No-Show appointment, Boudior subjects / Tasteful vs Distasteful,  Medical Insurance for studios,  Ron's appointment book - how it works, Senior Mailing lists, Pricing, Packages and something special I found out...  
When you join, it will be over whelming at first and you'll want to take a peek in all the areas which is a good idea to get a taste of what is here. You'll then find an area called Member's Project Folders! - This area is the real gem of PortraNET and contains probably the most helpful information of all. You will see the progression, questions and anwers to each member (100's) as they posted their before PortraNET image and advanced each week to their present day work.  Study how I worked with each person to fine tune their lighting, and read about each bump along their path. There is a WEALTH of information in just these areas.  
What I am driving at here - is PortraNET IS A SELF STUDY instructional service. This means that YOU will need to read the information, study it and apply it. It isn't difficult information with lots of technical jargon, formula's and numbers. (I don't believe in numbers  Wink )  
PortraNET is not me telling you what to do each step of the way. I am here to help you if you have questions, or problems. But please do not post a dozen pre-PortraNET images in your project folder and ask me "What's wrong with them".  Once you join your past is gone and what is wrong with your pre-PortraNET work doesn't matter and soon you'll be able to see for yourself what was wrong!  Grin. That's water under the bridge...  You and I are only concerned with your work after joining PortraNET. So view our content, study, apply... and then post a image in your project folding using your new found knowledge and I will critique it and tell you where you will need to go study some more, often I will place direct links to the threads so that you can "self study" the areas again.  
PortraNET has a powerful SEARCH function that will allow you to put in keywords or phrases such as "vignette" or "how to apply a vignette" and it will list all the threads that contain your search criteria.  So you will not want to post a message to me asking "Ron hate to bother you but what is a vignette".  With around 200 members I want to make sure everyone gets the time and attention they deserve. The more you can find your own answers and review the threads, the more time I have to respond to students on how to improve their work, and work on more videos and training materials for you to study.
The wrong way to use PortraNET is to just look around the site for it's entertainment value  Grin then post a couple images in your project folder and ask "Ron what do I do next".  There is enough for you to do here for WELL OVER TWO YEARS!  (it's MASSIVE)
Study - apply and I'll review and let you know what area you should go back and study some more, or I'll find tune your work with suggestions. I can not repost all the training information individually in your project folders, as this would repeat the same information hundreds of times in each persons folder. So you must use the library of information to learn. And then show me your best in your folder.
It's proven to work time and time again! Each project folder is an amazing timeline of information and progression of quality which can be easily seen in each consecutive posting. How fast you progress will depend on how much you READ, STUDY and APPLY the information provided here!
We look forward to working with you and seeing your progress!
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