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   A Members facebook conversation about PortraNET
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A Members facebook conversation about PortraNET  
« on: Dec 7th, 2009, 1:06pm »

Facebook conversation. After she posted it as a reply, she felt she should share her comments with me... here they are.  
Although I didn't write this for your benefit, after re-reading what I sent to my friend in the Houston area, I thought I'd share with you.  As a business owner for many years, anytime people could tell me, in their own words, any good or bad reasons why they did or didn't do business with me, it was like GOLD.  Once I started writing/thinking, it just kept coming... this is copied/pasted directly from my Facebook Inbox:  
Subject:  favor  
Between You and Angie Hugus Edwards  
Angie Hugus Edwards November 13 at 9:48am  
i have a huge favor to ask of you. i want to know all about how to get started as a photographer. i have wanted to be one since i was a child and as an adult too afraid to take the chance. I'M READY! i earned my degree in communications with an emphasis on journalism and taught at the high school level before becoming a stay at home mom for the last 6 years. there is no better time to go for my dream than now.  
one of the things i've been afraid of is that i don't know how to get started. i've wanted to ask this favor of you for a while, but i'm the kind of person that doesn't want to impose on someone. i know i'm asking a lot, but here are some of my questions.....  
generally, how did you get started?  
what kind of camera(s) do you use?  
how to you process your prints? (since this has all changed since i took dark room in college!)  
do you use a studio and what type of space do you use?  
what equipement/backgounds do you need to start? i imagine a computer is used now-a-days, what kind/programs?  
does one need some sort of business license? ( i guess state by state laws would apply)  
and any other info you know i need to know to get started  
i know this is a lot of info and you may not have time for all of this, but any help would be greatly appreciated.  
Anissa Dossey Long November 13 at 10:21am  
Hey Angie!! Of course I have time for you!  
The best thing I EVER did for my photography career was to sign up with PortraNET (http://www.portranet.com ). It's a one-on-one online training course that will answer every question you have above and WAY WAY WAY more. It's $1800 for the 1st year, and we couldn't necessarily afford it when I joined, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. The instructor, Ron Kramer, is a successful, working photographer- 30 years of success. He's also a Christian, and treats each student and his clients, with the love of Christ.  
He started PortraNET in 2003, so there is 7 years of information stored there (which will keep you busy reading and learning for the first 3-4 months!) I joined in Feb. this year, and still read every day.  
You will learn about equipment (from Ron's experience, as well as other students)-- hopefully BEFORE you buy anything. This can save you hundreds of $$. I bought most of my equipment before PN, and now am in the process of selling that & buying different.  
You will learn posing & lighting, which is the key to selling your work for real $. The true value of what I've learned was made very clear to me last weekend when I attended a seminar by Dave Newman, who is a Master Photographer with over 550 Merit Awards. Everything he taught about the 12 Elements of Award-Winning Merit Prints in National Competition was a "review" for me. (I knew NONE of the info before PN!)  
You will learn digital processing-- efficiency, how to retouch in Photoshop, reviews of tools that make it easier (as well as opinions of things not to waste your money on).  
And you'll learn about the business of photography. I currently have a "garden-level-residential-studio" but hope to do this full time within a couple of years and have a regular studio. Each person goes at their own pace and you'll get some great insight on how to set up a studio or shoot out of your home. And if you do weddings, you don't need a studio at all.  
Each student has a "Project Folder" where you put your images for Ron's critique. Ron responds to project folders the same day that you post in most cases, so you get instant, one-on-one feedback-- at your learning pace. The more you practice/post, the more you'll learn. And you have visibility not only to your own folder, but to every student's folder from 2003. I've learned SO MUCH from reading others' project folders from beginning to end. No one else is allowed to post comments in project folders, so they don't get "cluttered" with other people's opinions. So you see image/critique/image/critique... and you learn to "see" good work. Then you apply it to your own.  
Others who have joined that have attended classes, school, etc. have said that they've learned more on PN than MANY years of school could teach.  
Have I sold you yet Can't say enough about it. Check it out, register as a guest, then read some of the posts. You can see the layout, and a couple of sections for guests- but all the teaching parts are visible once you are a paying student.
Call me if you have more questions-- easier to talk than type when I have so much to say!  BTW, I would NEVER recommend PortraNET to anyone in the Denver Area (maybe not even in CO!) because what we learn there completely sets your work apart from all other photographers-- some who have been in business for a very long time, but just don't pay attention to the details that make great portraits.  
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It's not any "one" thing, but hundreds of little things that make a great image.
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