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   PortraNET outdated ???
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PortraNET outdated ???  
« on: Aug 26th, 2015, 3:09pm »

I've heard this twice from people who have considered joining last week and today.  I wanted to try and explain that in order to see any thing update, you must have access to the area. MEMBERS are in the member areas and we're active in the project folders.  The other areas such as posing and lighting - have had my personal attention for over a decade. I spent 70 hours a week for many years pouring what I know into them. Eventually "it's all there".  Occasionally (RARE) someone might have a question that isn't covered in the instructional areas.  I then respond in the associated "class room" area for the topic.  Again people on the outside thinking of joining will not see any sign of this internal activity.
There are a couple public areas - this one and the lounge.  Those are not used by members. There is no reason to post in the lounge because we do all the work inside.  Also we of course don't want internal teachings in the free area that wouldn't make sense would it.
Last week a young man who has great interest in portrait photography was painting my home. (porches)  He asked what I did and I told him and he expressed his interest. I told him of PortraNET and he thought the same. Asking if there is any activity, it seemed dead?. I gave him the email address's for abouy 6 local members (because he's also local to me). And he joined after contacting these people.
Today a past member and friend of mine from PortraNET asked if I was still teaching. She said she referred a young lady and that gal said it looked outdated here.   I asked "what area or info seemed outdated"?
When I started portranet about 12-13 years ago.  I created the intro and promo, informational pages.  These are over a decade old, but I've not found the need to update anything?  It's all the same except 10 years old and 10 YEARS MORE INFO!
I also get primarily referrals which won't really look at the intro-information. They see my students work, ask where they learned and when referred they join.  
I retired from my studio work, but I setup my camera room at home so I can shoot the occasional portrait and do work for my PortraNET members.  All my time goes into PortraNET and my members now. I've been blessed to be semi retired at 45 and fully retired at 55.  
At to outdated info.  Please realize that the rules of portraiture and the rules are art do not change.  The rules of lighting go back over 100 years, rules of composition and posing and how to build a flattering pose do not change.  The educational contact does not get outdated.
STYLES change!  no doubt, there are new and interesting and creative ideas that do update and we share what we're doing or members will ask me how someone else has done something they've seen posted online and I'm here to share anything a member needs.
I guess if I needed to attract more members, I'd ignore my current members and would give a completely new facelift to the promo and try and attack new members. But that's not really my style. My members come first, promoting for MORE MEMBERS isn't a priority.
I just wanted to come in and explain a bit about this since I've heard the comment twice in the past 10 days.  I assure you - we're active and growing every day.
Feel free to post any questions or concerns in the lounge area!   I do believe you have to REGISTER to post in the lounge.  We had to change to this because people were logging in (as they do on all forums) and were posting links to their my pictures sites.  I then had to restrict posting to people I've allowed who have valid registrations.
Anyway hope I explained and eliminated any such concerns.

STILL HERE - more of these in the lounge area!  Here's one I shot last week.
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