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(Message started by: Ron on Mar 16th, 2010, 1:37pm)

Had to Share with you Ron...
Post by Ron on Mar 16th, 2010, 1:37pm
Had to Share! on: Today at 11:47am

Hi Ron,
Had to share this with you!  Got a call from one of my senior's moms.  She had taken the portrait I had done of her daughter to a very reputable custom framing shop in another city to be matted and framed.  The owner of the shop has a degree in the arts and has been doing this for 30 some years.  He wanted to know who took this girls portrait as he has never in all his years seen such "perfect lighting" on a subjects face.  She said he just went on and on explaining to her the perfect lighting drawing you in to the eyes and face!  He also told her that most photographers get the shadows too dark but that this one was absolutely perfect in his opinion! He pointed out that he has framed many beautiful portraits over the years but this was the best one he'd ever seen simply because of the lighting!

That really made my day   Thought you'd like to hear it as you're the one that taught it to me!

Thanks Ron!


Re: Had to Share with you Ron...
Post by Ron on Mar 16th, 2010, 1:40pm
Congrats! This is my goal - to make my students the top 'fine portrait' photographers on the planet. Kudo's to you for taking the time to seek out ways to improve your work.  People now days buy a camera and call themselves "pro photographers" because they can take a good picture. Anyone can take a good picture with a digital camera.... this has nothing to do with fine portraiture, flattering people and making them look their absolute best in every image we shoot.

Taking a picture is nothing more than pushing the button with exposure on auto for most.  :-/

It's what we do before we push that button that makes us artists.  And sorry to say that 99% of the photographers out there claiming to be professionals know little or nothing about lighting... indoors or out. Your the cream of the crop!