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Your Skill Level?
The problem the public faces today is "anyone with a camera can call themselves a professional photographer" which has flooded the market with low-caliber so called pro-photographers. The good news is only a tiny fraction of today's "professionals" can do decent work. And a small fraction of them - produce great work. This is bad for the marketplace because many people get burned by spending money on photography they're unhappy with...  but is great for us skilled photographers, since we will find it easier to stand out from the horde of "people with camera's who take on pro level jobs"..  which gains us the "best clientele". 

Can one really make a living taking pictures?

Oh yeah! - though many fail, (due to lack of training) or just make a few dollars a week to supplement their income as a sideline. Skilled portrait photographers typically make anywhere from 300.00 - to - 3000.00+ PER HOUR.  YES - "Per Hour". More than many Doctors, more than most attorneys...  How can this be you ask?  I worked for another studio, after 2 years with them a cousin asked if I could do their engagement photographs to give me the business and to save them some money.  I was working for $5.00 per hour at the time. (back in the late 70's).  I spent 20 minutes photographing the couple - and ended up with a print order of a bit over $400.00. It was a REAL EYE OPENER!  The costs of producing the prints is miniscule... About $20 - $30.00 on a $400.00 dollar order, allowing me to clear near $400.00 for 20 minutes work. I used nothing more than a camera and natural light outdoors!  I thought... if I did two of these jobs in an hour... that would be 800.00 per hour. More than I currently made in 2 weeks!  Needless to day a few weeks later I started my own studio, and today have a net worth of over 2 million. (just taking pictures in the summer-fall and relaxing in the winter and spring!)

It's not rocket science... its ART!  Tell me more?   A small print order of a baby session averages around $300.00.  A senior portrait order is more typically $800.00. A family group which takes about 30 minutes for a skilled photographer to do, usually produces a 2000.00 - 3000.00+ order.  You do the math...  TWO family groups in an hour can produce around 4000.00 - 6000.00+ for an hours worth of work.  How about only 2 family groups a week... how would you like to work 1 hour a week to make 4000.00+ per week! How would you like to photograph 8 seniors a day and make (at only 600.00 per order (small order) that's still 4,800.00 for a 8 hour days work. Out of that you'll clear over 4,000.00 NET for the day! ( 4,000.00 x 5 works days in a week - 20,000.00 a week, 80,000.00 a month). Yes - I've done it for decades. The only drawback is that it is seasonal. Allowing you to work only 3-4 months at year.  But I love the break.

What's the secret? There are a lot of photographers out there and most don't make this kind of money. The secret is QUALITY!  A picture isn't worth much, but ART can command serious money. What you make depends on YOUR SKILL AT FLATTERING YOUR CLIENTS.  The better your posing, lighting and composition building... the more our clients will be willing to spend.  It's pretty logical... will you pay 40.00 for a picture that is terrible of you?  I wouldn't.  Now will you spend 400.00 on a portrait that makes you look fantastic?  I would, the people that can afford $400.00 for a portrait will, especially if it is of a loved one, child or family. There are a lot of people who want a large wall portrait above their fireplace of their family... and don't hesitate to spend $1500.00-3000.00 to acquire the wall portrait and smaller prints for their kids and other members of the family.  Our costs in the printing of a 1500-3000 order is only about $275.00. After all our clients aren't buying the paper prints, but the "art" you created as an artist of fine portraiture. Quality photographers are rare and this is why we can command such great money.

How can I become SKILLED enough to make a GREAT LIVING in Portrait Photography?
Ah - There lies the problem (until now). It was extremely difficult. Colleges don't teach "real world fine portrait photography". After all, if you could make 1000.00+ per hour shooting portraiture, would you want to teach others for only 25-35.00 per hour as a professor? Heck no, this is why there aren't any top rated photographers teaching in the College environment. 30 years ago I attended College for two semesters and found it to be a total waste of my time and money for the career I wanted. Certainly for an occupation that requires a degree it is mandatory... but for photography, it won't help you. The only way to learn the skills before now, was to land an apprenticeship position working for next to nothing in hopes of learning the skills needed several years. This is what I did back in 1976, just out of high school. I had many years of experience already under my belt as an enthusiastic hobbyist in photography. These opportunities were few and far between and today are even harder to find. Plus you could only become as skilled as the person you're working for... and most photographers as I stated above, aren't very skilled!  Even if you work with a top pro, they'll want to keep secrets to themselves and won't share everything... because they don't want you to become their competition.

Luckily - Today there is something new. In our 5th year, http://www.PORTRANET.COM has proven to be an outstanding source in training professionals and want-to-be professionals in Fine Portraiture. When I started PortraNET, I wanted to limit it to professionals who wanted to improve their work. Since then we have accepted complete novices who have turned out to be easier to teach than seasoned pro's. This is because they have not acquired any bad habits yet. We now have hundreds of successful students who started out,  knowing little or nothing about photography other than that they enjoyed it. Who are now top pro's in their area,  making a wonderful living doing what they love. No fears of being downsized out of a job or your job being sent over sea's. You are now in control of your destiny.

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme... don't expect to wake up a millionaire in 5 years. Will you be better off? You bet, but it will be work!  And if you have what it takes, the desire, drive and ambition to better your life. You can do it with

So looking for a photographic job? Or a Career you can start in your home?
Ultimately this is it. You can look in the news paper for a job working for a studio to gain experience... you might pick up some tips and tricks from a ordinary photographer. More often then not, they'll have you sign a non-compete contract to stop you from starting your own studio after they've taught you the basics. So why spend weeks, hours, months looking for an apprentice position when there is something better right now! is here - and is available to teach you this wonderful career in your SPARE TIME, and AT YOUR OWN PACE. And at a price that is far less than a year of College classes for generic photography, that will really gain you nothing more than advancement in your photo hobby skills.  You've made it this far - Now click below to REGISTER FOR FREE onto to learn more. Click the information headings in the top menu once you enter to read more about our service and how to enroll. There are two FREE areas you can read and look through... even talk to the current and past student body.  

Learn to be a photographer. Even photograph weddings:
Wedding photography commands an average of 1500.00 to 6000.00 per event. Imagine working only Saturday, and putting together wedding disc's and albums during the week from home.  You will learn all you need at our Online Photography School.  While all this may sound like a infomercial. It's FREE to log in and read the raves from my other students. I have nearly 1000 student since I started PortraNET in 2004.  You can become a photographer, and make your living doing something you love. While PortraNET started as a film based instruction site. I evolved into digital photography as the revolution took place and PortraNET is all digital now. You don't need anything more than a point and shoot digital camera to start. Though a decent 35mm format digital and at least one main light source would be ideal.

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There are cheaper, but none better:
While PortraNET was the first such online portrait school. Others have popped up with people wanting to jump on the band wagon. Of course to compete - they must be cheaper...  MUCH CHEAPER.  And while 100.00 or even 999.00 sounds like a savings. What good is paying less if you don't get results.  Sign in and look at our NEWS area to see the before and after shots of my students.  My method of teaching is LIKE NO OTHER. I have created steps, building blocks... rules of building a great portrait with simplicity.  My teachings are derived from over 3 decades of experience. Who better to learn from than someone who has only worked 3-4 months a year and attained a net worth of several million by age 50.  Yes - "BY JUST TAKING PICTURES".  Well - not taking pictures, but creating "ART".

It's important to realize. A "degree" in photography means nothing. There are thousands of people out there with a photography degree that can't shoot their way out of a barrel. And a degree will not bring you clients, or more money. The only thing that will get you a job, a client or more money in this field. Is  YOUR SKILL AS A ARTIST OF FINE PORTRAITURE.  I highly stress, do not waste your money on College classes in photography.  (I did - after 2 semesters, I dropped out because they were of no value what so ever.

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